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Learn More about the The Ultimate Beer Pong Kit

BOMBED is the new and improved version of the popular beer pong game that has exploded across the planet. You might know it as Beer Pong or Beirut but now it's time to get BOMBED! With the Beer Pong Racks, the cups will align perfectly every time, in no time. Plus, you'll never have to worry about knocking over cups making clean-up a snap. Our cups even come with a printed fill line for quick, easy and even fill ups. Once you play with the RACK, you’ll never go back. GET BOMBED!

Learn More about the The Ultimate Beer Pong Kit
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We wrote the Book! The Book of Beer Pong, is the first and only book dedicated to the ins and outs of beer pong. Covering topics ranging from the history, the rules and the skills, to techniques, variations and how-to's, The Book of Beer Pong is the most thorough guide to Beer Pong.


Let's Celebrate National Beer Pong Day - Ocotber 10th!

A perfectly set up rack of cups is a thing of beauty. And our new poster gives the rack the treatment it deserves. Framed in a faux gold frame this poster treats the beer pong rack as a work of art. Hang it proudly in any museum, dorm room, or above any table.